Block Object

block_hashhex string, nullThe hash that identifies the block
parent_block_hashhex stringThe hash that identifies the previous block in the chain
block_statusPENDING , ACCEPTED_ON_L2, ACCEPTED_ON_L1Where the block is in the confirmation lifecycle
block_numberinteger, nullThe order of the block on the chain
timestampintegerUnix timestamp in seconds for when the block is constructed.
state_rootstring, nullThe state commitment after this block.
gas_priceinteger, nullThe gas price paid for settling this block, unit in eth wei
sequencer_addresshex string, nullThe sequencer address that constructed the block.
l1_transaction_hashhex string, nullThe L1 ETH transaction hash that includes this block.
l1_timestampinteger, nullUnix timestamp in seconds for when the block is settled on l1
block_timeinteger, nullTime in seconds to create this block
total_actual_feeintegerSum of all the transaction actual fees in the block, unit in eth wei
number_of_transactionsintegerNumber of transactions included in the block
number_of_eventsintegerNumber of events included in the block