transaction_hashhex stringThe hash that identifies the transaction
block_hashhex string, nullThe block hash that the transaction is in
block_numberinteger, nullThe block number that the transaction is in
transaction_statusPENDING , ACCEPTED_ON_L2, ACCEPTED_ON_L1Where the transaction is in the finality lifecycle
versioninteger, nullVersion of Transaction
signaturehex string array, nullThe signature that validates the transaction
max_feeinteger, nullThe maximum gas fee the transaction can pay, units in eth wei
actual_feeinteger, nullThe actual gas fee the transaction paid, units in eth wei
nonceinteger, nullThe contract nonce of the transaction
contract_addresshex string, nullThe contract address that this transaction was executed from
entry_point_selectorhex string, nullThe function called in the transaction
entry_point_typeEXTERNAL, L1_HANDLER, nullType of entry point executed
calldatahex string array, nullThe input data of the functions in the transaction
class_hashhex string, nullThe class hash that this transaction was executed from
sender_addresshex string, nullThe address that sent the transaction
constructor_calldatahex string array, nullThe input data of the constructor in transaction
contract_address_saltinteger, null
timestampintegerUnix timestamp in seconds for when the transaction was executed
entry_point_selector_namestring, nullDecoded name of the entry point selector
number_of_eventsintegerNumber of events in the transaction
account_callsList of Call ObjectsAccount calls found in this transaction